List of documents
for a Schengen visa

For more information about the package of necessary documents, please visit the website of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk.


  1. Passport


  • The passport must not exceed 10 years. Extended passports are not accepted.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the visa
  • The passport must contain at least two blank pages for visas
  • Provided the original and photocopies of pages with personal data.
  • Copies of Schengen visas and stamps of entries and departures for the last 3 years.


  1. 1 color photo


  1. Application form

Application form must be filled in Latin letters only and it is necessary to print it.

Application form filled for each person regardless of age.

A minor's visa application form is signed by his/her guardian(s).

Application form can be found in the consular department or visa application center or downloaded from this site and print.


  1. Travel insurance policy

Basic requirements for an insurance policy:

  • Policies should insure the costs in case of sudden illness or accident and assistance on site, including the costs of medical repatriation to the place of permanent residence of the insured person or the repatriation in case of death;
  • insurance validity area should cover all the Schengen countries and throughout the period of the intended stay or transit;
  • the insurance coverage limit should be not less than 30 000 euros or equivalent amount in other currency;
  • for double entry visa it is necessary to provide an insurance policy that covers both the entry;
  • for single or double entry visa duration of the insurance period must include an additional 15 days beyond the duration of the trip;
  • for a multiple-entry visa may provide an insurance policy, which is valid during the first trip and sign in the appropriate section of application form on the fourth page.


  1. A document confirming the purpose of travel

An official document of the medical organization in the Czech Republic, confirming the necessity of medical care in the organization. The document length of stay must be specified, and a preliminary estimate of the cost of treatment. It is also necessary to make recommendation of the attending physician.

Proof of residence, if the residence is not specified in the confirmation of the medical institution.

Proof of sufficient financial means for treatment, payment and pre-payment of medical expenses.


When crossing the border must have the financial resources or proof of financial means for personal needs.

The minimum amount to ensure is equal:

Persons under age 18 must have, depending on length of stay, half of these amounts.

  1. The document on the financial means of your stay in the Czech Republic and other countries of the Schengen area, issued not earlier than 3 months before submitting the application.
    • 1245 CZK (possibly in EUR or other currency.) On Day 1 - when you travel for up to 30 days;
    • 37350 CZK (possibly in EUR or other currency.) - When you travel for up to 60 days;
    • 39840 CZK (possibly in EUR or other currency.) - When you travel for up to 90 days


Financial support is confirmed when applying for the grant presentation of the original visa:

  • Statement from the current or deposit bank accounts of the applicant, certified by the bank stamp and signature of the employee of the bank, with the confirmation of the cash balance in the account and the account holder (the applicant).  Please note that the savings book can not be an analogue of the above documents;


  • help with work indicating the minimum wage for the last 3 months;
  • for individual entrepreneurs - a document confirming payment of a single stamp with the tax authority, as well as the certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur.

If your trip will cover the other person, in addition to the above documents, you must provide a sponsorship letter from paying your travel party (in free form indicating his contact information), copy of passport paying person (page with the passport data), the financial sponsor of the documents .


  1. Transport documents
  • confirmation of the booking of plane/train/bus tickets (both ways);
  • when traveling by car:
    • - driver's license;
    • - technical passport for the car;
    • - copy of the passport and of valid Schengen visa of the driver


  1. Consent to the processing of personal data


  1. Additional documents for certain categories of applicants

Categories of applicants

1. In cases of minors:

All supporting documents depending on the purpose of the trip. Even if the child is traveling on the passport of one of the parents, when applying for a visa is required to provide a separate set of documents. If the child is traveling on the passport of one parent, necessary to have a passport photograph inscribed parents of the child.

In addition, documents are available:

  • birth certificate (original and copy)
  • A copy of the valid Schengen visa parent (parents), traveling (-schih) with a minor, for which the visa is requested along with parent (s).
  • Consent to the departure of the parents (original and copy).

If traveling to the Czech Republic a person under 18 years of age, accompanied by only one parent must present a notarized consent of the other parent to leave.  If traveling to the Czech Republic a person under 18 years of age without their parents must present a notarized consent to travel from both parents.

Consent Term action - not more than 6 months from the date of issue.

Applies a copy of the passport and a valid Schengen visa accompanying person

NOT need to give permission to leave the child in the following cases:

  • a court decision on deprivation of parental rights (requires confirmation document: original + copy).
  • incapacitated parent (requires confirmation document: original + copy).
  • the absence of one of the parents, if the location of one of the parents is unknown, the need to provide a police certificate or a document from the social security authorities, confirming the (original + copy) the status of single mother.
  • death of a parent (requires confirmation document: a copy).



Student card or a letter (certificate) from the school.

In the case, the sponsor pays for the trip, you must make a sponsorship letter + proof of sufficient funds of sponsor.



Help from the last place of employment with the information about the earnings and position, the original and a copy of the work book.

In the case where the sponsor pays for the trip, you must make a sponsorship letter + proof of sufficient funds sponsor.



A copy of the pension certificate. When submitting the original show.

In the case, the sponsor pays for the trip, you must make a sponsorship letter + proof of sufficient funds of sponsor.


Certificate of employment indicating the position held by the employee, date of employment and wages over the past 3 months.



State registration certificate (original + copy).

Registered tax return or a certificate of no debt on taxes and duties.


General terms

Documents for a visa must be submitted no earlier than 6 months before the trip.

It is recommended to submit an application at least 15 calendar days before the intended visit (please take into account public holidays in the country of destination and in Belarus).

On submission of the application from the age of 12 must be private the presence of the applicant.

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents other than those listed above.


All documents must be presented in original and provide copies. Only complete sets of documents can be accepted.

Duration of the visa application and all additional documents, with the exception of the passport or equivalent document, the Civil Registry Office of documents and photos (if true), should not be more than 180 days, unless provided otherwise. Financial documents are considered valid for the submission of the application within 3 months from the date of issue.

Documents sent to the consular section or visa center directly by fax or e-mail, have only informative character. All of these applications the applicant must be in possession at the time of submission of the application.

If the visa applicant is changing the hotel, transportation, etc., it should inform the consular department by e-mail. Otherwise, the visa may be canceled, as the documents on the basis of which a visa has been obtained do not correspond to reality.

Applicants are solely responsible for their submitted applications. Providing false documents or incorrect information in day of submitting will have a direct influence on the decision about the application which will be accepted by the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk.

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk does not recommend to use of visa support services provided by the intermediary companies (agencies).